2011      Ph.D., American Studies, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University

2000      B.A., American Culture, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


2013-2015          John B. Hurford ’60 Humanities Center, Haverford College

  • Social Justice Traditions: 1960s to Occupy Wall Street
  • Anarchisms: Old and New

2012-2013          American Studies Program, Williams College

  • Worker's Stories, Worker's Lives: Narrative Approaches to U.S. Labor Studies
  • Introduction to American Studies
  • Neoliberalism: A Key Concept for Our Times
  • Theories of U.S. Power                                                      

2011-2012           Études Anglophones, Université Stendhal, Grenoble-3 (France)                                                    

  • Early American History, License (BA)
  • Modern American History, License (BA)
  • Contemporary American History, License (BA)
  • The Black Freedom Movement, MA Research Seminar
  • American Urbanism, MA Research Seminar                                   

2008                   Harry Van Arsdale, Jr. Center for Labor Education, Empire State College-SUNY

  • Paradoxes of American Democracy: Labor and U.S. History, 1492-Present

2006-2010          Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University

  • Intersections of Race and Gender in U.S. History (Dr. Lisa Duggan)
  • Concepts in Social and Cultural Analysis (Dr. Andrew Ross)
  • Cultures in Context: The Black Atlantic (Dr. Jennifer Morgan)
  • Black Urban Studies (Dr. Nikhil Pal Singh)            
  • Introduction to Metropolitan Studies (Dr. Neil Brenner)
  • Research Methods in Social and Cultural Analysis (Dr. Barbara Hooper)


2013      Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities, Haverford College

2010      Penfield Award in American Studies, New York University

2009      Louis Lerner Memorial Scholarship in American Studies, New York University

2009      Summer Institute on Conducting Archival Research, George Washington University

2008      Research Grant, Institute for Anarchist Studies

2003      MacCracken Fellowship, New York University



2016      Unruly Equality: U.S. Anarchism in the Twentieth Century.  Berkeley: University of California Press, 2016.

2011      Oppose and Propose! Lessons from Movement for a New Society. Oakland: AK Press, 2011.

Refereed Journal Articles

2012      "Occupy Wall Street and Consensus Decision Making: Historicizing the Preoccupation with Process." Social Text: Periscope (Winter 2012)

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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

2015      Book review of Richard Bach Jensen, The Battle against Anarchist Terrorism: An International History, 1878-1934Journal of American History 102, no. 1 (2015): 264-265.

2013      Book review of Chris Crass, Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement BuildingPerspectives on Anarchist Theory 27 (2014): 134-138

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2012      "The Role Cooperatives Might Play in the Creation of a Solidarity Economy and Participatory Society" Keynote Address, North American Student Cooperative Organization (NASCO) Annual Education and Training Institute, University of Michigan, November 2012

2012      "The Evolution of Anarchism in the Mid-20th Century United States" Department of Politics,     History, and International Relations, Loughborough University, England, April 2012

2012      "Revenge of the Nerds: Post-Industrial Masculinity in 1980s Science Films" Centre d'Études sur les Modes de la Représentation Anglophone, Faculty Seminar, Université Stendhal, March 2012


Symposia Organized

2015      Anarchism, Decolonization, and Radical Democracy: The 2015 Mellon Symposium, Haverford College, March 2015

2010      Student Co-organizer, Rethinking Racial Capitalism Symposium, New York University, April 2010

2007      Student Co-organizer, Humanities or Human Resources? The Future of Ethnic Studies and Labor in the Corporate University Symposium, New York University, April 2007

Panels Organized

2014      Panel Organizer, “Love and Rage: Cultural Strategies in Postwar U.S. Anarchism.” American Studies Association, Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, November 2014

2008      Panel Organizer, "Post-Industrial Masculinities." Cultural Studies Association, National Meeting, New York University, May 2008

Papers Presented

2014      “Diplomatic Recognition for the Woodstock Nation: Anarchism, Revolutionary Nationalism,     and the White Panther Party.” American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, November 2014

2012      "The Black Freedom Struggle and the Two Souls of Contemporary Anarchism." North American Labor History Conference, Wayne State University, October 2012

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2008      “Anarchism, Autonomist Marxism, and Women of Color Feminism: Potential Intersections and Synthesis." Radical Philosophy Conference, San Francisco State University, November 2008

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2004      "'Reaganomics Sucks': Resistance to Deindustrialization and Anti-Globalization Struggle." New York Metro American Studies Association Annual Conference, City University of New York, New York, NY, October 2004


2014      Invited Reviewer, The Scholar and Feminist

2014      Invited Reviewer, Journal for the Study of Radicalism

2013      Invited Reviewer, Pluto Press

2012      Invited Reviewer, Critical Sociology

2012      Invited Reviewer, Bloomsbury Academic, Contemporary Anarchist Studies Series


American Studies Association

Organization of American Historians

North American Anarchist Scholars Network